Pre-order possibility for Box- or equivalent Cup-orders

You can send us your order by using the form on this page. The available flavors are listed below the order form. The availability is being continuously updated and of course integrated with specialties of the week. Please do not submit last minute orders and consider approx. 2 h for preparation. However, the specific waiting time will be indicated in the confirmation email.

Home delivery service (Available only if indicated as "active" on the home page)

For box-orders or equivalent cup-orders, we continue to offer free home delivery service in the following political municipalities: Knonau, Mettmenstetten, Maschwanden, Cham, Steinhausen, Kappel aA, Rifferswil, Aeugst aA, Affoltern aA, Obfelden, Mühlau, Hüneberg, Baar, Hausen a.A. (Other localities depending on the capacity).